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Meet Jerry and Christina Barfield, owners of B&M Roofing Contractors. With offices in both Greenville, North Carolina, and Rocky Mount, North Carolina, B&M has worked with clients all over the United States on both residential and commercial roofing projects.


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Why Roofing Contractors Matter Around the World

Having any roof over your head is one of theroofing contractors most important parts of your every day life. As roofing contractors, it is part of our mission to keep your roof in top condition. The more seasoned your roof, the more B&M Roofing wants to inspect it to make sure everything up there is working right. It is just a roof. It is just a leak. In our world, a roof means much more than that – indeed, the roofs we install, maintain, and service are not something we are able to take for granted. It may be unknown to you, and that is OK. For us, roofing contractors around the world matter because a lot matters in the roofing industry. By staying informed about roofing contractors, distributors, buildings, roofing engineers, consultants, architects and more, we are able to help enhance your overall roofing experience.

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